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You're Beautiful

One of the toughest things to do, but should be the simplest is to love oneself. However, many people are unhappy today because they fail to love themselves. We keep discovering something we hate about ourselves and always wish to be like others.  The only problem with..


3 Tips for Setting Powerful Goals

What happens to a dream without goals? What happens if you jump on a treadmill without any indication as to when you want to get off and finish your work out?

Goals are the ties that hold all successful people together. 


How To Know If He Is The One

Have you ever wondered what are the signs that he is the one? I surely have. All my life, I've found myself in relationships where I kept asking myself "Is he really the one for me or how do I know he is the one for me?" This is because my womanly intuition was telling me "Run Baby...Run", but I was too stubborn lol. 


You Need to Get Your Net Worth Back to Zero

“The average Millennial has a net worth of 8000.00, that’s far less than any other generation” according to The Washington Post! Not sure about you, but I was a bit alarmed when I came across this headline. I thought to myself, “I’m bringing that average way down because I’m actually tens of thousands of dollars in the red!” If this thought resonates with you, then read on. 


Things to Do While in Quarantine

But let’s be real for a moment. Staying optimistic and mentally stimulated is challenging during this uncertain time. Though social distancing is not the same as isolation (we can still connect with others and remain proactive), being cooped up in the house 24/7 can be monotonous, resulting in....


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